From July 15th to August 3rd 2013, I spent an exhilarating 3 weeks in the EPGY program at Stanford University. I was taking the Artificial Intelligence course, which was instructed by Sherol Chen, a UCSC Computer Science pHD student. Beyond the lectures and outstanding learning opportunity, I really enjoyed connecting with talented high school students from around the world and talking to prominent scientists, researchers, and pioneers in the various fields of artificial intelligence. At the end of the program, I created an AI bot that could play Ultimate Tic Tac Toe using case based reasoning (learning from experiences). More than just the insurmountable knowledge, I took back home life-long friendships and connections that have established and will strengthen my foundation in the artificial intelligence community.

Some of the topics we explored and implemented include:

heuristics, sorting algorithms, kNN classifier, case based reasoning, logic based programming, binary search tree, Lisp, Answerset programming, drama management, markov chains, event calculus, neural networks, alpha-beta pruning, Prolog, A*, bayesian networks

Check out the “EPGY Projects” tab to see COOL PROJECTS that I made at the course!

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